Thursday, July 18, 2013

It runs in the blood.

Back before most of you out there in internetlandia were born, before i was hatched as well, My father tooled around in a "Babe Magnet". A 1972 Corvette Coupe to be exact.
A few words have been exchanged over this car, as it was a very storied family car that my birth sort of crapped on and i only got to ride in it while i was still unborn.

Stories of my older brother playing in the footwell of the passenger side while my folks made the drive up to Watkins Glen to watch racing and drink beer. A tale of a dodged speeding ticket when my Dad managed to ditch a cop by pulling into a used car lot. And a pair of lines etched into the road in front of my childhood home that are just as indelibly etched into my heart.

There is something about a muscle car, or dare i say Super Car while talking about the Corvette that sums up the history and glory of this country. Something in the growl of the engine that speaks of untold miles of travel of our forefathers. Something about the feel of a hard corner that speaks to the technology that has grown up around these magnificent pieces of rolling art. It's just something about a Corvette that makes me smile and if you have a minute, i'll rattle it off for you.

Nobody, but nobody does with cars what America has done.
We have done the wacky, safe, fast, smart, efficient and then we spent a little more time on fast.
Oh yea, and we do it better and for less than any other mamerjammer on this spinnin' blue ball.

But, if you remember, i had a point when this all started.

So my Dad is looking into buying himself a brand spanking new Corvette. This in itself is nothing new. He has talked about that for years. But as of late, i am hearing more and more about it. It's gotten to the point that my mother and he have come to loggerheads. You see, she wants a 1972 Corvette like they had when they first got married. But my father has an issue with used cars. I explain it thusly. When my father was a child, a used car touched him in his no no zone. Since then he has had not one kind word to say about a pre-loved automobile. So he wants a brand spanking new machine.

I can understand both points of view.

A 1972 vette is a sexy vintage muscle car.
A 2014 vette is a sexy modern super car.

Needless to say, with summer here and the heat making us dream of automobiles and racetracks. This is one of my favorite problems. It's not life threatening, can be rationally debated till the cows come home. And it gets me into a conversation with an Engineer and an Artist over the pros and cons.

At the end of the day, with all sides putting in their two cents i still suggest. They just pick up a new MX-5 and leave it at that. What can i say, I'm a jackass.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saturn Aura...More than meets the eye!

With Energon loaned to the General Motors Corporation and the United States Air Force for the creation for Earth's newest champion.

A new Autobot took to the field in 2009. Modeled after the Saturn Aura for easy insertion into Human cities for reconnaissance. Wingshred brings his Nanoforged Titanium frame into melee causing wicked amounts of damage to his Decepticon foes.

Wingshred brings the power of Alien and American Engineering into the future with a bevy of military technology infused with the force of Energon.

Stored in the undercarriage of Wingshred is his special Transmission Cannon. A compact Nanoinfused Artillery piece. Capable of causing massive destruction or pin point annihilation with it's customizable delivery system (CDS).

The CDS creates the rounds from local material tearing apart the surroundings at an atomic level and reassembling them as various types of ammunition.

Hidden behind the headlights rests the newest weapon system designed by DARPA. The Hydrawing Dual Gatling Cannon is a compact and lightweight gyrojet. Capable of firing more than 7,000 round per minute and delivering sniper like accuracy at up to 2 miles.

The Decepticons may see Wingshred coming, but with his new hybrid weapon systems, there will be little they can do about it.



American Made Hero
Short fuse
Ready to rock, Ready to roll
Lightning fast

(+4) Fight
(+3) Athletics Shoot
(+2) Notice Investigate Stealth
(+1) Will Provoke Resources Craft

Transform (+2 to stealth when in car form)
Blades of Fury (+2 to fight when in melee)
Burn Rubber (+2 to Athletics when in car form)

A big thank you to Alex Corniuk for helping me put this together. He figured that the Saturn was the coolest car in this weeks Auto Trader (He's 7. Give him a break)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 4th of July

Now i don't know about you, gentle reader, but i am an American.

Tomorrow marks the 238th birthday of the greatest place on the planet.

Now that might sound like a bit much to some of you out there. But i can only tell you, i am in love.

I love my country for many reasons. For starters let me give you 300 million.

The people in my home are my people. They are my brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. They are my tribe. They are a bunch of smooshed up faces that fill my heart with pride and give my arms strenght. They are my reason for living and the people i would gladly die to save. They are the reason i would fight any man ever born who would threaten to take a single ounce of freedom from any single man jack.

They inspire me, teach me, anger me, make me laugh, make me cry. They are the kindest and most brutal people in the world. For each and every one of those reasons. I love them.

Each morning i look out my window and see the rich green land, the buildings, trees, sidewalks and roadways. It is the most beautiful place on the planet. The places i go each day are each works of art, blood, sweat, and tears. Each stands as a monument from those who came before me. Each a challenge to keep and improve. Each speaking of the character of a people, my people.

Sometimes i hear one of my fellows bellyache about immigrants and all i can say is. "If all i had to do is walk across a desert, jump a fence and hump some thousand miles to stand right where i am standing. I would still be here looking at you like half of your head is full of rocks.". Because this country has room in it for everyone who yearns to breath free. For those who wish to bestow a birthright of freedom to their children, i can think of no better a place. I have stood ready with rifle in hand for these reasons and i believe that i forever will.
Many years ago, in the streets of Philadelphia one of the founding fathers was asked. “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” to which he responded “A Republic, if you can keep it.” and keep it we have and keep it we shall.

So, on the 4th when you look up and see fireworks. Remember why we will the night sky with lights in celebrations. It is not just a day we celebrate a place.

It is a day we celebrate all America.

It's people and the land, the newest arrivals by boat or birth, those who protect her and those who make her so worth protecting.

So happy Independence Day America!

And here is to a million more!